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SAP success tips and insight

Stuart Browne 11-Oct-2022 11:03:36 7 min read

Are you peddling against the wind in pursuit of ERP transformation?

16 years ago, before Electric Bikes were a thing, I wrote a book.
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Ross Barnes-Moore 29-Sep-2022 11:54:34 2 min read

S/4 Roadmap Migration Options

Planning to move to S/4HANA? If so, there are plenty of people willing to give you advice ...
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Ross Barnes-Moore 29-Sep-2022 11:32:41 1 min read

Demystify S/4HANA with FusionGraph

Finally - a simple way to understand what’s different in SAP S/4HANA If you’re like most ...
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Ross Barnes-Moore 29-Sep-2022 10:51:04 1 min read

ECC Value Now Kaizen

You’ve invested a lot in your SAP ECC system. Despite the drawbacks, it’s what runs your ...
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Tony Cronin 29-Sep-2022 10:24:21 6 min read

Finding Excel alternatives will transform how your company uses data

Microsoft Excel is an amazing tool... It’s revolutionised how business is done across the ...
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Stuart Browne 21-Jul-2022 14:46:55 11 min read

5 Things nobody tells you about moving to S/4HANA

1. Fiori coverage is patchy  in S/4HANA SAP’s UI has been dull for decades.  SAP GUI was ...
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Stuart Browne 12-Jul-2022 08:32:37 5 min read

What we do in the shadows: digital transformation according to Rihanna

Have you ever taken umbrage with somebody?
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Derek Prior 01-Jun-2022 15:55:48 9 min read

4 SAP best practices that will help you prepare for S/4HANA migration

SAP S/4HANA was launched way back in 2015. After a slow start this latest generation of ...
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Stuart Browne 17-Mar-2022 16:26:48 5 min read

What really happened to the 3 little pigs?

the Rise and fall of Sabine’s Schnitzel Empire My friend Sabine runs a chain of Schnitzel ...
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Stuart Browne 17-Mar-2022 16:11:04 7 min read

What the f**k is going on with the SAP brandwagon?

It’s a Saturday in July and it’s raining.
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