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ERP Independent Programme Advisory
De-risk your SAP transformation
with a research backed success assessment

SAP Accelerator Overview

First, a history lesson.

Early in our careers, we wound up stablizing a number of really badly implemented SAP solutions.

In the same way that Spider Man gained his super powers from a radioactive spider-bite - looking back - these SAP implementations were our spider-bites.

We long held a view of what caused SAP implementations to fail.  Wind forward to 2017 and - working with Dr Derek Prior, we decided to test our hypothesis.

The result was the groundbreaking SAP Success Report which identified the 15 Levers of SAP Success.

how to recover SAP programmes

Putting SAP research into practice

Using the 15 Success Levers as a foundation, we set our combined years of experience to work in creating a list of the proactive things that we'd seen work across hundreds of SAP programmes.

This became a survey which we ran for a number of clients with great success.  So, we built on the content, refining it to focus on different phases of an SAP lifecycle - selection, implementation, deployment and evolution.

Then, we built a cloud-based platform that enables us to ask different persons (the six key roles defined in the Success Research) different slices of questions on the survey. 

Now, re run this whole process and play back an overall benchmark score - but crucially we highlight dissonance between stakeholders.  And we educate business teams on what lies ahead on their SAP S/4HANA implementation jouney.


What's the SAP Pre-Flight Check?
ERP Programme Review Consultancy

Research backed

Based on 15 Success Levers identified in the SAP Success Research Report conducted by Dr Derek Prior (former SAP Research Director of 19 years).

Simple Survey

The assessment benchmarks your S/4HANA programme based on a simple but sophisticated survey (30 mins to complete) that polls views across 6 key stakeholder groups.

Educates your team

Business people aren't SAP implementation experts - the survey and playback workshop serves as an educational experience to align your team. 

Action packed

The assessment (+ongoing health-checks) provides straightforward recommendations which can be actioned ahead of the curve to de-risk your S/4HANA programme. 

how do I know ERP will be a success

SAP Pre-Flight Check in action

The Resulting Pre-Flight Check can be taken at any point in an SAP lifecycle - from selection right through to post-go-live support.  But there's a sweet spot - running the Pre-Flight Check before take-off (which is kind of why we chose the name).

From a purely educational perspective, getting your team aligned ahead of the curve makes a huge amount of sense.  But because the Pre-Flight Check is research backed and independently run, it provides a safe environment to not only point out the elephant in the room, but to spray paint it bright yellow before it gets too boisterous.

Based on scars, ulcers and grey hair

The crowd-sourcing of knowledge and experience packed into the Pre-Flight Check is immense.  

We surveyed 112 SAP programmes, and invested over 100 days of consulting effort across 15 of our most experienced SAP delivery experts, each with 20+ years of experience.

It was also supervised and curated by Dr Derek Prior - the former Gartner SAP Research Director who has interviewed thousands of SAP customers over a 19 year research career.

It is very, very thorough.

Low Intrusion, Quick and Safe

The survey takes around 30 minutes for each of your people to complete.  We jointly agree some comms in advance and then send a simple link to each respondent.

The survey polls the 6 different personas that have the biggest bearing on SAP success.

  1. Executives
  2. Business Process Owners
  3. Project & Programme Managers
  4. Technology Architects
  5. Procurement Professionals
  6. Human Resources Professionals

They each receive a slightly different slice of 70+ questions before their responses are played back in workshop format.

Dissonance & Education

The two main benefits that customers state after a Pre-Flight Check are the value of understanding dissonance within the team, and the level of fast-track education that the process delivers.

Dissonance between different stakeholders is critical in identifying outliers and hidden opportunities.  Often, the loudest voice wins in the cut-and-trust of a transformation.  But the quietest is often the most truthful if given space to speak.

The educational value of exposing your entire team to what lies ahead on a complex S/4HANA programme is huge.  We pack years of experience into a few days of assessment and interaction.

Those few days contain everything you need to be in the 48% of SAP programmes that are successful.

In Flight is better than a crash landing

If you're worried that your S/4HANA programme is already on the wrong path, all is not lost.

We can run the Pre-Flight Check at any stage in your SAP lifecycle.  It can even be run 10 years after go-live and still deliver results.

The assessment and detailed analysis can be prioritised based on where you are on your ERP journey - and while we can't course-correct history, we can set you on a better flight-path if you're open minded enough.