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SAP success tips and insight

Chris Grady04-Dec-2023 14:00:333 min read

SAP User Adoption: The Vital Components for Success

User adoption is critical, there’s no two ways about it. If you want successful ...
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Charlotte McConville14-Jul-2023 14:11:038 min read

Averting S/4HANA Disaster with a superhero SAP change team

Resulting have been working with our client since 2020, as a business side advisor, with ...
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Ross Barnes-Moore26-Jan-2023 09:08:349 min read

ERP Fundamentals: What is ERP Adoption?

WHAT IS ERP ADOPTION? Implementing a new ERP system is a significant financial investment ...
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Ross Barnes-Moore05-Oct-2022 12:25:09< 1 min read

SAP Adoption Strategies

70 year-olds use iPads and Facebook So why are people half their age struggling to adopt ...
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Ross Barnes-Moore29-Sep-2022 16:01:261 min read

SAP Adoption Analytics

Everybody follows business processes, right? People religiously follow those carefully ...
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Gabriel Rimmer18-Feb-2022 14:13:233 min read

Know your audience for better SAP adoption

I went to see a movie at the cinema recently - albeit reluctantly. I was dragged along as ...
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Simon Davies18-Feb-2022 11:42:586 min read

A change for good: improving SAP adoption with a shift in perception.

I might not look like it, but I’m a vegan.
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Simon Davies18-Feb-2022 11:32:169 min read

Do your team know where they fit in your SAP S/4HANA project?

I mentioned in a previous post that business adoption was all about meeting people where ...
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