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Best Practice ERP transformation methodology
Start with a pre-baked ERP transformation
methodology based on decades of experience

ERP Accelerator Overview

ERP vendors and systems integrators have to have their own methodologies.  They wouldn't be credible if they didn't.

But our experience shows that they're all a little... meh.

They're either designed to serve their own needs - and totally miss what you need.  Or they're hypothetical and impractical in the real world.

Added to this, what if you have 3 different ERP packages and 2 consultancies in the mix?  Then what do you do?

So in 2011, we started to curate our own.

We folded in all the good stuff from every ERP programme we'd worked on, and gradually built (and tested) the ERP Transformation Toolkit.


What's the ERP Transformation Toolkit?
Standard ERP implementation methodology

Flexible Framework

First, it's not the answer - it's a rich menu of deliverables, phases, roles, governance models and templates that you can use to assemble an ERP method that works for you.

Programme Org Model

40 pre-defined ERP programme roles complete with work streams and role descriptions, enabling you to quickly design and staff your ERP programme and contract suppliers with confidence.

Deliverable Based

100+ pre-defined ERP programme deliverables mapped to phases, owners, approvers and work streams.  Pick and choose the deliverables that matter most to your ERP goals.

Standards Included

Includes standards and education materials that enable reduce ambiguity from Day 1 of your ERP programme so that your people can focus on what really matters.

Example SAP ERP Transformation Methodology

Transformation Toolkit in action

When you run an ERP-led transformation programme, you're transforming your organization.  Which means that your transformation methodology should be aligned with your needs.

For the most part, vendor and systems integrator methodologies focus on their needs.

The Resulting Transformation Toolkit is a ready-made ERP methodology that focuses on you and your organization's needs.

Safeguard your ERP programme

Deliverables are the things that make sure your organization gets the solution you hoped  for. 

Safeguard your ERP programme by choosing from 120 road-tested deliverables.

Each deliverable can be assigned to suggested owners, approvers and tracked through to completion.

ERP programme deliverables list tracker You get a ready-made deliverables tracker with example deliverables.

Ensure the right things are done right

Being clear on ERP project phases is important.

But making sure that one phased doesn't bleed into the next is paramount.

The ERP Transformation Toolkit is made of up of 6 clearly defined phases that clarify what should be done when.  Plus, ultra-clear entry and exit criteria for each phased so that you know that everything has been done right before you move on.

ERP Stage Gate Criteria Examples You get a clear ERP programme structure supported by entry/exit criteria for each stage gate to give complete control.

Know who's doing what

ERP Programmes can’t deliver without the right people in the right roles at the right time. 

The Transformation Toolkit contains a ready-made list of typical roles spanning your business team, technology team and suppliers.

Roles are mapped to ERP programme phases and deliverables (creators and approvers).

coERP roles org chart template You get the list of the roles you need, their key responsibilities for your ERP programme, and when you will need them.

Ready-made RACI

God walls make good neighbors the saying goes.

There's a lot to be done on an ERP programme.  So knowing what needs to be is almost as important as knowing who's meaning to be doing what.

A detailed RACI can take weeks to compile and months to agree.

The Resulting ERP Transformation Toolkit comes with a pre-defined RACI.

ERP supplier RACI list You get to quickly agree roles and remits across your partners and suppliers, plus a comprehensive scope of everything that need to get done.

Ready-made RAAIDD Log

A RAID (or RAAIDD) Log is essential to a successful ERP implementation.

When set up properly and adopted RAAIDD logs help stop the scary things happening.  

Think of a good RAAIDD log as your Early Warning System.

ERP RAAIDD Log Template You get to the ultimate ERP RAAIDD log template plus guidance on how to properly manage RAAIDD governance.

Great Governance

Governance provides structural integrity for your ERP transformation.

Good governance places appropriate control on how your ERP solution is delivered.  It also ensures that your ERP investment remains on-plan, on-budget, and on track to deliver the benefits you're hoping for. 

What is ERP governance model You get an off-the-shelf governance mode with the relevant meeting structures, attendees, inputs and outputs to keep your ERP transformation under control.