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s4 hana rise business case
Translate your organisation’s goals into an SAP roadmap.
Then tell the story back to the business.

SAP Accelerator Overview

Working on dozens of SAP programmes, we became bored hearing the same complaints from customers.

We can't build a business case for S/4HANA - so the business won't sign-off the budget and commit.

Nobody can articulate the value of S/4HANA to the business - they don't know what's in it for them.  And, our Systems Integrators / SAP can't tell us what's going to be different either.

My SAP consulting partner has given us a 200 page Word document that explains our SAP blueprint - but nobody understands it.

So we decided to sort that out.


What's an ERP Playbook?
erp roadmapping playbook

Starts with Strategy

Instead of starting with technology, we start by asking your execs what they really want.  Then we absorb your business strategy and look at what's going on in your industry - the stuff that's probably blindsided you.

Business Process Led

Next, we work with your team to articulate what you do in a way that means something to the business.  This includes identifying the processes and signature requirements that really matter to your strategy.

Solution Map

Then we work with you to assemble a conceptual solution map - what are the components you need to assemble to get the ERP solution you need?  And in what order. 

This is the tough part.

Build a narrative

The secret sauce is building a compelling narrative that brings everything together.  This is usually a visual, high-impact document that tells the story from strategy to solution.

And, because it's on-message and on-brand, you get the people who matter leaning-in and buying-in.

S/4 HANA business case

ERP Playbook in action

The ERP Playbook works because it focuses on what matters - your business and your strategy.  Plus, it focuses on who matters - your Execs are the key decision makers - so understanding their needs first is a subtle but crucial switch.

But the fact we're independent is crucial.

You see, because we don't sell licences or implementation projects, we don't care which solution you choose - or who you choose to implement it.  Other than ensuring that it's the right recommendation for your business.

Playbook Content

We're not going to give away our secret recipe to everyone.  But here's an outline of what's in an ERP playbook.

consulting-deliverable-white Playback of your strategy and Exec soundbites - along with narrative on your industry to set the scene for your audience.

consulting-deliverable-white Overview of your current situation - what you have today and why it's holding you back.

consulting-deliverable-white Proposed future Solution Map that outlined what you're aiming for.  This isn't technology led (no jargon, no solution names) - but paints the top of the jigsaw box in business language.

consulting-deliverable-white Detailed narrative for each function or business process area which explains what needs to be improved and what the ERP journey will mean to them - in the short and long term.

consulting-deliverable-white A high level plan that describes the process and timeline in rough terms so that people can decide when to get excited, or plan to deal with the wait.

What customers say
"Resulting brought many years of industry and product expertise but uniquely a very creative and agile approach to the challenge. The result was a polished, professional and compelling ‘Playbook’ that was pivotal to us successfully achieving the level of buy-in and sponsorship required for the transformation journey ahead."