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Independent-programme advisory


We’re independent consultants who ensure the success of your SAP S/4HANA change project by helping you plan it, wrangle its complexity, and keep it on track.

  • impartial SAP ERP advice

    There’s an impartiality gap in SAP consulting.

    We’re former Big 4 Directors with combined donkey’s years of SAP experience.

    When we started Resulting, we’d realised that there was a crucial thing missing across all of the SAP projects we’d been part of: that of an experienced,  independent advisor with no selling agenda. 

    🏁 Founded 2004
  • Help with ERP implementation

    Leading SAP change can be a lonely job.

    Anyone tasked with delivering a multi-million pound SAP project knows that the ultimate responsibility for success sits with them.

    That’s a lot to take on. And they know that, unfortunately, they can’t expect their generalists to know everything there is to know about SAP (or Oracle, or whatever).

    They can’t trust their SI not to sell them things they don’t need. And deep-down, they know it’s not a supplier's job to keep their complex project on track.

  • CIO Advisory SAP

    CIOs and project leads could really do with some help.

    What they need is a co-pilot who’s done this before. - who can give them the confidence that they’re on the right track.

    That they’re not forgetting something central. That they’re avoiding the pitfalls that can be avoided.

    That they’re getting the best ERP system for their business and the most out of it.

    Someone who helps them become more self-sufficient over time. 

  • ERP SAP Trusted Advisor RISE

    Business-side SAP consultancy

    That’s what we do.

    We call it business-side consultancy because we’re guided by what we believe is best for your business.

    We do it across two areas, consultancy (that’s defining your strategy and roadmap) and delivery management (project-managing it and keeping it all on track).

    We know all the popular ERP systems, but have especially deep SAP expertise.

  • People change management ERP

    How we work

    ERP transformation isn’t just a technology business. 

    When you’re dealing with massive organisational change, that’s first and foremost a people play.

Our goal is to help you get the big job done well, and never lose sight of why you’re doing it in the first place.

And here's how we'll deal with you as humans...


We’re independent.

We’re not an SI. We don’t sell integration services, licenses, or cloud hosting.

That’s how we ensure that we always act in the best interest of your business.


We’re transparent.

Our advice is based on your goals, our experience, and our extensive research.

We’ll keep you focused, even if it means speaking uncomfortable truths or admitting we haven’t (yet) got all the answers.


We’re empathetic.

Complex SAP S/4HANA projects require understanding, coordination, and good listening skills. We value every partner’s contribution.

We work well with SIs, vendors and contractors, and we can translate technology issues to business people.


if that sounds good to you, if you’re facing any of the issues we’ve outlined above, and if your idea of a “partner” doesn’t conjure up the image of a suit with an expense account, then we hope you’ll get in touch.