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SAP success tips and insight

Charlotte McConville25-May-2024 11:30:00< 1 min read

What is an S/4HANA Success Supper?

Good question. S/4HANA Success Suppers are your opportunity to network and share insights ...
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Louise Barber28-Feb-2024 09:12:155 min read

RACI Demystified: Your Secret Weapon for SAP S/4HANA Implementation

So, what is a RACI on S/4HANA programmes? On major IT programmes like an S/4HANA ...
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Louise Barber21-Feb-2024 13:25:227 min read

Beyond the Basics: 5 RACI tips to level up your S/4 Project Management

If you've been around SAP programmes for any length of time you'll know all about RACIs ...
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Chris Grady15-Jan-2024 15:10:555 min read

6 ways choosing ERP software is like sending your child to university

Selecting an ERP system for your business and choosing the right school or university for ...
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Charlotte McConville14-Dec-2023 10:58:294 min read

What happened at UKISUG Connect 2023?

What is UKISUG Connect? Have you been living under a rock?
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Charlotte McConville12-Dec-2023 13:58:1710 min read

The Perfect RFP Recipe for SI Selection before S/4 migration

When it comes to SI selection and going to market, writing a good RFP is critical. Treat ...
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Chris Grady04-Dec-2023 14:00:333 min read

SAP User Adoption: The Vital Components for Success

User adoption is critical, there’s no two ways about it. If you want successful ...
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Chris Grady07-Nov-2023 14:51:547 min read

9 things your CoE must do to prepare for SAP S/4HANA

Whether your Centre of Excellence (CoE) is ready for an SAP S/4HANA implementation ...
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Charlotte McConville07-Nov-2023 14:44:1212 min read

5 ERP selection misconceptions - and what you should focus on instead.

Think for a second about what led you here. I can almost guarantee that it had something ...
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Charlotte McConville03-Nov-2023 15:54:5817 min read

Routes to market in Public Sector ERP Selection

Follow the yellow brick road: Routes to market in Public Sector ERP selection Procurement ...
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