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SAP success tips and insight

Louise Barber28-Feb-2024 09:12:155 min read

RACI Demystified: Your Secret Weapon for SAP S/4HANA Implementation

So, what is a RACI on S/4HANA programmes? On major IT programmes like an S/4HANA ...
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Louise Barber21-Feb-2024 13:25:227 min read

Beyond the Basics: 5 RACI tips to level up your S/4 Project Management

If you've been around SAP programmes for any length of time you'll know all about RACIs ...
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Charlotte McConville21-Jul-2023 10:51:085 min read

How to achieve seamless project portfolio delivery in a complex ERP landscape

Resulting were tasked with helping a major oil and gas company with prioritizing and ...
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Ross Barnes-Moore24-Jan-2023 16:40:3035 min read

ERP Fundamentals: ERP Project Phases

INTRODUCTION TO ERP PROJECT PHASES So ERP’s not a new thing, it’s been around a long ...
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Ross Barnes-Moore24-Jan-2023 14:16:4730 min read

ERP Fundamentals: What is an ERP Project?

WHAT IS AN ERP PROJECT? Projects are set up in order to deliver the key requirements that ...
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Stuart Browne13-Oct-2022 16:39:253 min read

Roll up, Roll up... meet the bearded lady of the SAP world.

I had my first beard trim recently.
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Stuart Browne13-Oct-2022 09:57:375 min read

Hey idiot, what dumb decisions are you making today ?

The digital clock in the car flipped over to 06:30 as I reversed into the tricky parking ...
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Stuart Browne13-Oct-2022 09:44:359 min read

Why don't we build houses the way we build SAP systems?

It's a simple idea.
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Stuart Browne11-Oct-2022 11:19:383 min read

Semper Idem - How the Romans can help your Transformation Programme

The Romans left many imprints on our history and culture.
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Avtar Davatwal18-Mar-2022 09:16:235 min read

What is a RAG document in S/4HANA Programme Management?

What is a RAG Document When you’re talking about project management the term RAG gets ...
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