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Project management
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Experienced ERP project managers who’ll remain calm when things get heated

ERP projects can get incredibly complex and messy. That’s no surprise: they touch mission-critical processes, integrate disparate tech, and involve humans with diverse sets of preferences, experiences, and agendas. 

It’s obvious that lots of things can go wrong, and let’s face it, they often do.

Mitigate this risk by using a delivery team that’s firmly on your side; has the comms and project management skills to coordinate all the different roles and workstreams; the methodology to apply best practice, advise on architecture and streamline the process; and the experience to know when to switch from delivery to problem-solving mode, or escalate an issue.

warwick-university-s4-migration-consultancy Leighton Joskey, Warwick University
“We used Resulting’s Project Management support to combine Waterfall and Agile approaches to deliver our end-to-end Brownfield S/4HANA Migration - this allowed the team to focus at a granular level on what tasks needed to be achieved during a particular sprint, whilst keeping an eye over the fence of what was next to come.”
Sleeves rolled-up ERP delivery services

ERP Programme Management & Architecture expertise

Experiences people providing direction and advice to ensure your ERP programme is as successful as you hope it will be. 

erp ERP Programme Management

When you're running a complex ERP project, overall programme management really is the hot seat.  And there's no substitute for experience.

You need people within your team who have done ERP before - who understand the nuances and complex dynamics.  But who get your culture and know how to take your stakeholders on the journey.

Most of all, you need people who can drive you towards the results you need - beyond simply going-live, building a platform for your future business improvement through ERP.

consulting-deliverable-white With Resulting, you get experienced practitioners working within your team who bring gravitas and control, but won't take you for a ride.

consulting-deliverable-white Whether that's Programme Management, Delivery Management of work streams, or super-organzied PMO practitioners who ensure that everything is tracked and under control - having Resulting onboard makes the journey less treacherous.

ERP architecture advisory ERP Architecture Advisory

Your ERP vendors and systems integrators come from a position of status based on an intimate knowledge of your chosen ERP solution.

They'll offer solutions, bamboozle you with jargon, and tell you how it's done (or at least how they did it last time).

But you know your business, and they don't

So being able to challenge their solutions, stretch their thinking, and prod the seemingly obvious can be the difference in a super-slick elegant solution, and a clunky one that becomes a deadweight on your business processes.

Challenging and simplifying the ERP solution you implement is the single most effective way to reduce cost, implementation time and complexity.

consulting-deliverable-white Resulting Architects sit alongside your team, bringing deep experience and practical know-how.  They'll guide you during workshops, design reviews, testing and deployment. 

consulting-deliverable-white This can be full-time on your programme, part-time in the background, or ad-hoc during key phases of your ERP journey.

ERP Supplier Management Supplier Management

Why do you need a consultancy to help you manage your Systems Integrator?

In short, you don't.

Instead, you can pit your naivety against their expertise in making the most out of the commercial opportunity that is your ERP budget.

Savvy Vendor Management is one of the critical success factors in running an ERP programme.

A small investment in good supplier management results in huge savings on your ERP investment.

consulting-deliverable-white Resulting experts support your leadership and procurement teams to control your ERP suppliers, whist driving them to deliver the success you hope for.

consulting-deliverable-white Supplier Management can be delivered as part of an overall PMO service, or as a stand-alone supporting activity.

ERP Programme Advisory Independent Programme Advisory

Sometimes, you need a critical friend - somebody who'll tell you that your baby is ugly while everybody else is cooing glassy eyed.

Honesty when things aren't going as they ought to be is a rare thing.

But as an executive carrying the weight of an ERP programme on your shoulders, you need the kind of frank, direct input that will course correct before it's too late.

consulting-deliverable-white Resulting provides independent programme assessment of ERP programmes (new or in-flight), embedded advisory as part of ERP programme governance, and stage gate reviews that hold all stakeholders to account.



How to ensure your S/4 project doesn't fail

Uncovering the factors that underpin successful SAP programme delivery

A 40 page Research Report produced in conjunction with Dr Derek Prior (former Gartner Research Director)

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 20+ years of expertise baked in

ERP Tools & Accelerators

Resulting ERP advisory and delivery services deliver fast results and exceptional value for money.  No nonsense independent consultancy. 

  • Transformation Visualisation
  • SAP BPML Download
  • S/4HANA Business Case
  • SAP Center of Excellence Model
  • ERP project turnaround
  • Digital Transformation Methodology

Visual ERP Transformation Roadmapping

Create the clarity you need to get on with the business of transformation.

S4 HANA business case model


ERP Business Process Framework Accelerator

Build a robust foundation for your ERP project with a best practice process framework aligned with APQC.



ERP Playbook

Translate your organizations' goals into an ERP roadmap.  Then tell the story back to the business.

ERP Roadmap playbook


SAP Centre of Excellence Toolkit

Everything you need to set up a high performing Center of Excellence.

how to design SAP CoE


ERP Transformation Pre-flight Check

De-risk your ERP transformation with a research-backed success assessment.

SAP Project Plan Example Template


ERP Tranformation Toolkit

Start with a pre-baked ERP transformation methodology based on decades of experience.

Creating SAP project plan for transformation S4 HANA migration


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