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create S4HANA business case
Build the missing momentum for your
S/4HANA business case
in just one day

S/4HANA business case in a day

Most SAP customers really struggle to work out how to make the leap from their aging ECC system to S/4HANA.  It’s a complex challenge that ultimately leads to significant investment and business disruption.

Truth is, whilst it’s relatively straightforward to estimate the cost, it’s really challenging to articulate the upside of an S/4HANA migration to senior stakeholders.

Since 2018, Resulting has been helping SAP customers build compelling S/4HANA roadmaps and business cases.  And, because we’re independent (we have no vested interest in you purchasing S/4HANA and we’re not trying to sell you a large transformation programme) the approach we follow is completely different to any other consultancy.


How does the Resulting S/4HANA roadmapping approach work?

You can watch a series of videos on our approach here.  

In summary, we work with your business team over a few months to establish a clear and compelling narrative for your move to S/4HANA which engages senior execs and establishes a future ERP state that supports their strategic needs.  

The output is an ERP Playbook that tells the story of how S/4HANA will solve real-world business challenges for them, and envision a more modern future ERP platform that is better able to deliver on their business objectives and commitments.  Crucially, the Playbook tells this story in non-technical terms that educate rather than bamboozle.

This approach is very different to simply insisting to your senior leadership that they need to migrate to a new version of SAP in the cloud before an end-of-support deadline in 2027 or 2030.   It’s also very different to SAP’s own Business Scenario Recommendations (BSR 2.0) Report which analyzes your SAP data and outputs a ready-made (but somewhat self-serving and generic) business case.

The Resulting S/4HANA Roadmapping approach provides crucial momentum that gets the business leaning into S/4HANA because we’re starting with business strategy and pain points rather than technology.  But, it is important to join this top-down view with a bottom-up perspective.



What's the Resulting Business case in a day?
S/4HANA business case

Powered by FusionGraph

Powered by our unique FusionGraph platform, we are able to analyse your SAP usage and identify new S/4HANA functionality that replaces or enhances the things you do in ECC today.  We can also quickly find functionality that’s been removed from S/4HANA which will impact business operations.

Explore what's new in S/4HANA

We jointly explore business scope, classifying business processes to assist prioritisation before working with you to explore new features and functionality that solve today’s thorny business challenges to drive real efficiencies or improvements to crucial business processes.

Create your S/4HANA Inventory

We perform a thorough inventory of custom transactions, reports and interfaces to inform your S/4HANA migration strategy, and we diligently capture your signature requirements (the stuff that makes you unique) as well as analysing your system data footprint.

Output your knowledge graph

The output is all of your RICEFs, technical debt and complex SAP interdependencies captured in a Knowledge Graph giving you the definitive as-is to work from.

This is no mean feat.  And, all-in, a roadmapping exercise like this takes 3-6 months to complete and costs the same as a brand new Porsche 911  - which is much easier German technology to build a business case for.
Creat s/4 business case

Times are tough

There are 25,000 ECC customers still to migrate from ECC to S/4HANA with just 7 years remaining to make the move.  The economic climate is tough, and businesses like yours are reining in large discretionary investments that don’t show a solid ROI.

If your leadership team suspects the move to S/4HANA will be expensive with limited upside, they’re not going to be interested.  Plus, finding Porsche 911 money to evaluate how to make the move, is just another expense, right?

So, having completed dozens of S/4HANA roadmaps for large SAP ECC customers, we asked ourselves how we might help accelerate the process and enable people who are wrestling with this challenge to start small and build snowball-like momentum instead.

So, we set the team the challenge…

“Create a slimmed down version of our S/4HANA approach that can be completed in just 1 day.”

How does an S/4HANA Business Case in a day session work?

You speak to one of our architects and explain the scope of your SAP solution, and complete an online questionnaire so that we better understand your scope and objectives.

We jointly choose one business area to focus on that will demonstrate value and create senior leadership excitement.  This could be something like Inventory Management or Accounts Receivable.

Your technology team runs an SAP usage report (ST03n) and sends us the output which we load into FusionGraph to give us some deeper insight.

Then, we run a 2-3 hour workshop with your business team in the chosen area to explore their challenges and frustrations.  During this session, we jump into FusionGraph and jointly curate 10-20 new features in S/4HANA that will deliver business value.  

We don’t look at S/4HANA (we can organise this later).  Instead, we simply curate a shopping list of new and interesting functionality that educates your team on the art of the possible and starts the process of shifting focus to a better future ERP world.

The output is a short recommendations report which can be digested by your execs over their morning coffee.

If you like what you see, we can either move to full roadmapping project or repeat the exercise with other business areas to create a domino effect of S/4HANA curiosity.

How much does the S/4HANA Business Case in a Day session cost?

It’s a fixed cost engagement that costs £7,500 (or $10,000) for a single business area.

This is typically a Level 2 business process area (e.g. Finance > Accounts Payable).  It may be helpful to think in terms of SAP submodules (e.g. MM-IM).

If you’d like to focus on multiple business areas, we can facilitate this but we do not offer a cost reduction - for 4+ business areas, a full-scale Roadmapping engagement is a more cost effective approach.

S/4HANA Business Case in a Day sessions are delivered remotely but can be delivered in person with travel expenses incurred at cost.

Select Resulting partners may be able to offer you a discount on this fee from time-to-time.  Such discounts are only available in isolation and cannot be combined.

How long does an S/4 Business Case in a Day session take to complete?

Typically, the whole exercise will realistically span 2-3 weeks, although much of this depends on how quickly you can assemble the right people and generate the ST03n usage logs.  

Once we have the required preparation, the workshop takes just 1 day.  Good communications is key though, and we will spend time with you at the start of the process to ensure that you set clear expectations with stakeholders on the objectives, approach and output.

Playback is in the form of a report which we can present back as a page turn if required.

If you have a Systems Integrator (or would like us to help you select one) then we can work with them to arrange demonstrations of the functionality we jointly identify in order to bring the business case output to life.  Clearly, this will take longer than 2-3 weeks.


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