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SAP success tips and insight

Chris Grady08-Aug-2023 13:00:004 min read

5 IT challenges to overcome in the Healthcare industry

These days, it’s almost impossible to find an industry that doesn’t rely on IT in some ...
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Derek Prior29-Mar-2023 14:16:207 min read

How SAP Stakeholders Can Achieve Lasting Value From ERP

I spent 19 years as an IT Analyst working for Gartner in their ERP Business Applications ...
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Stuart Browne26-Jan-2023 12:49:329 min read

What's the The Cure for ERP Disintegration?

Ed lives and works in London. Alex is at Uni in Edinburgh.
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Ross Barnes-Moore23-Jan-2023 15:48:0027 min read

ERP Fundamentals: Understanding Business Processes

WHAT ARE BUSINESS PROCESSES? So what is a process? In its simplest form it’s just a ...
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Stuart Browne05-Dec-2022 12:44:096 min read

The Tragic Quadrant and how you can save the ponies

If you work in IT you’ll have heard of Gartner.
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Stuart Browne05-Dec-2022 12:23:284 min read

What happened to yesterday's news?

You’ve probably never heard of Charles Fort.
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Stuart Browne13-Oct-2022 15:59:095 min read

Once bitten, twice shy - what you don't know about S/4 won't kill you.

I had anticipated writing this sooner.
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Stuart Browne13-Oct-2022 12:03:589 min read

Food for thought for tech gluttons - Competitive advantage in ERP

Most restaurants are closed at the moment.
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Stuart Browne13-Oct-2022 09:32:055 min read

Transformation as a Service - the blind leading the blind...?

Today I’m in our offices.
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Stuart Browne12-Oct-2022 16:05:444 min read

The tiger who lives in the shed - A business case for SAP maintenance

Weirdly, I'm working from home this morning.
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