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How can you measure user adoption?
Ross Barnes-Moore29-Sep-2022 16:01:261 min read

SAP Adoption Analytics

Everybody follows business processes, right?

People religiously follow those carefully documented processes you wrote, across every department,
using SAP in an identical way...

Consistency Matters

In a world where customer experience is everything, ensuring that all of your people follow your business processes in a consistent way really does matter.

It just takes one person skiing off-piste to upset one customer and your bottom line gets impacted.

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It’s fine - we’re looking at
Robotic Process Automation

2 things.

First, you’re not going to automate everything. You’ll only automate the fat middle of the normal distribution curve - the outliers are where the problems lurk.

Second, automation and AI rely on data. And data is created by humans during business processing.

Guess what - a lack of consistency results in crap data.

Crap in, crap out.

It’s fine - we’re looking at Process Mining

There’s always some new "New Thing" that comes along to replace that last fad.

Process Mining is the latest one. Ingredients:
20% SQL and 80% Snake Oil.

It is really much, much harder than those snazzy explainer videos will have you believe. And while it will find a few loops and lags, it won’t fix their root cause.

A lack of consistency.

Consistency is about humans adopting defined processes.

Adoption Analytics analyses user transactions in your SAP system to identify outliers that are undermining adoption.

This enables us to jointly identify key business processes which require a high degree of conformity - meaning that users execute processes in a standardised manner, using a defined set of transactions.

Fingerprinting your best users

We then identify a basket of transactions that we expect users to routinely use - by analysing ‘good’ users to identify their adoption fingerprint, or by analysing training and testing materials.

We then compare user communities with this ‘fingerprint’ to identify outliers.

Creating an Adoption Heatmap

Adoption Analytics produces a Heatmap view of Users vs. Transactions. Users can be batched into groups depending on their SAP security profile group.

Transactions are batched into SAP functional areas to enable slicing & dicing that zones in on specific communities or process areas so that you can address adoption issues.

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