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Improve SAP training and change management
Ross Barnes-Moore05-Oct-2022 12:25:09< 1 min read

SAP Adoption Strategies

70 year-olds use iPads and Facebook

So why are people half their age struggling to adopt SAP?

Only one thing matters on an SAP project

The easiest way to waste money on your SAP implementation is to treat it as an IT project.

SAP implementations are people projects.

Ultimately, if business people don't adopt your SAP or S/4 solution, you won't drive the change and
business benefits you expected.


Adopt an Adoption Mindset on your SAP Project

People adopt technology because they know what's in it for them, not because you produced thousands of training assets.

At Resulting our focus has always been beyond the go-live horizon - on ensuring that what's implemented gets adopted.

We'll work with you to define adoption strategies that work. Ways to engage, motivate and educate your people so that your business case turns into the results you hoped for.

What's your SAP adoption strategy?