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SAP success tips and insight

Charlotte McConville07-Nov-2023 14:44:1212 min read

5 ERP selection misconceptions - and what you should focus on instead.

Think for a second about what led you here. I can almost guarantee that it had something ...
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Charlotte McConville03-Nov-2023 15:54:5817 min read

Routes to market in Public Sector ERP Selection

Follow the yellow brick road: Routes to market in Public Sector ERP selection Procurement ...
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Chris Grady08-Aug-2023 13:00:004 min read

5 IT challenges to overcome in the Healthcare industry

These days, it’s almost impossible to find an industry that doesn’t rely on IT in some ...
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Charlotte McConville21-Jul-2023 10:51:085 min read

How to achieve seamless project portfolio delivery in a complex ERP landscape

Resulting were tasked with helping a major oil and gas company with prioritizing and ...
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Charlotte McConville14-Jul-2023 14:11:038 min read

Averting S/4HANA Disaster with a superhero SAP change team

Resulting have been working with our client since 2020, as a business side advisor, with ...
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Derek Prior29-Mar-2023 14:16:207 min read

How SAP Stakeholders Can Achieve Lasting Value From ERP

I spent 19 years as an IT Analyst working for Gartner in their ERP Business Applications ...
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Stuart Browne26-Jan-2023 12:49:329 min read

What's the The Cure for ERP Disintegration?

Ed lives and works in London. Alex is at Uni in Edinburgh.
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Stuart Browne26-Jan-2023 12:33:447 min read

SAP Product vs Process: Why your S/4 thinking is too woolly

My daughter is wonderful.
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Ross Barnes-Moore26-Jan-2023 09:41:5018 min read

ERP Fundamentals: Life After Go-Live

HOW DO YOU SUPPORT AN ERP SYSTEM? Once an ERP system has been implemented it will be ...
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Ross Barnes-Moore26-Jan-2023 09:08:349 min read

ERP Fundamentals: What is ERP Adoption?

WHAT IS ERP ADOPTION? Implementing a new ERP system is a significant financial investment ...
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