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SAP success tips and insight

Ross Barnes-Moore24-Jan-2023 14:16:4730 min read

ERP Fundamentals: What is an ERP Project?

WHAT IS AN ERP PROJECT? Projects are set up in order to deliver the key requirements that ...
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Ross Barnes-Moore24-Jan-2023 13:37:1115 min read

ERP Fundamentals: How is ERP built?

LAYERS OF ARCHITECTURE IN ERP ERP systems are often built using what’s called a three ...
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Ross Barnes-Moore24-Jan-2023 10:44:2210 min read

ERP Fundamentals: Important ERP Principles

WHAT DOES ERP LOOK LIKE? The ERP system provides us with a single centralised repository ...
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Ross Barnes-Moore23-Jan-2023 15:48:0027 min read

ERP Fundamentals: Understanding Business Processes

WHAT ARE BUSINESS PROCESSES? So what is a process? In its simplest form it’s just a ...
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Ross Barnes-Moore23-Jan-2023 15:17:4730 min read

ERP Fundamentals: An introduction to ERP Systems

WHY ERP FUNDAMENTALS? In 2019 Resulting conducted some research into the SAP skills gap ...
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Alex Stuart09-Jan-2023 11:12:439 min read

7 ways to be an ERP customer your SI will love working with

When it comes to ERP, systems integrators and software vendors get a bad rap.
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Stuart Browne05-Dec-2022 12:44:096 min read

The Tragic Quadrant and how you can save the ponies

If you work in IT you’ll have heard of Gartner.
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Stuart Browne05-Dec-2022 12:33:595 min read

The Meat and 2 Veg of Consulting

I listen to lots of stuff, devouring Podcasts and Audiobooks like Godzilla going on ...
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Stuart Browne05-Dec-2022 12:23:284 min read

What happened to yesterday's news?

You’ve probably never heard of Charles Fort.
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Stuart Browne05-Dec-2022 11:41:163 min read

Why are Russian Dolls so full of themselves?

IT people are horrible, right?
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