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Ross Barnes-Moore 05-Oct-2022 16:22:00 2 min read

Assima: SAP Enable Now alternative for cost effective SAP training

If you’re running SAP and you need to train your business people Enable Now is the obvious choice, right?

But Enable Now is based on the 10 year-old technology of SAP Workforce Performance Builder - which is just a screenshot slideshow.

Modern training tools create realistic and immersive clones of your entire SAP system that result in better training and adoption.


SAP training simulations that move with your business

Your business is moving faster than ever. Once your SAP system is live you’ll need to constantly update your training materials to keep up. 

With the Enable Now screenshot approach to training, your documentation will be obsolete within weeks and you’ll need an army of people to update it.

Assima creates a hyper-realistic and editable clone of your ECC or S/4HANA system so your training assets can be updated at the click of a button.


Getting your hands on the SAP steering wheel

Imagine learning to drive by looking at a photo of a car dashboard. You'd get the general idea but you’d be lethal out on the roads. The same thing happens when you learn from screenshots. 

Assima scans your entire SAP UI and recreates everything. Every button can be clicked and every text box can be typed into.

It’s the most realistic training experience you can get and you don’t need to maintain an expensive SAP Training Client with frustrating data refreshes.

Assima can even show dynamic meaningful data - like referencing today’s date. Plus, you don’t have to reset test data for every training session because the clone data sits within Assima.


Shorter S/4HANA migrations with better change management

The problem with SAP training is that it’s almost impossible to guess when you should start building your training assets.

Start too early and the Enable Now screenshots will be out of date. Wait too long and you can't complete training before go live. You can’t win.

Updating SAP training assets with Assima is so flexible you can start building training materials from day one without worrying about rework.

Plus, your business people can get their hands on a realistic version of your new S/4 system months before go-live, making training easy  and increasing adoption.

Evergreen training material for the life of your SAP system

You don’t just create SAP training material for go-live. You also need to on-board new starters and retrain job movers.

But your SAP system is constantly changing with new fields, new codes, new transactions and even changes to screen layouts.

With software like Enable Now updating training assets is a mammoth task. You either burn your budget or give up  and use the ‘ask somebody who knows’ method of SAP training.

Assima is easily editable so a small team can quickly update all of your training assets as and when it's needed.


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