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Build SAP S4 Roadmap Business Case ERP

Find the north star
for your SAP project

ERP Roadmap advice


Translate your organisation’s goals into a technology roadmap. Then tell the story back to the business

Whichever route you decide to go down with SAP, it has to make sense for your business. Work with us to define a strategic technology roadmap that delivers on your business goals.

Map and assess your business processes using a well-structured framework (we also have a proprietary visual roadmapping tool, FusionGraph, which can do a lot of the heavy lifting).

Then turn it all into a compelling narrative and business case that gets buy-in from your stakeholders.

SAP S/4HANA Roadmap Martin Lea, NSG Pilkingtons
"Resulting brought many years of industry and product expertise but uniquely a very creative and agile approach to the challenge. The result was a polished, professional and compelling ‘Playbook’ that was pivotal to us successfully achieving the level of buy-in and sponsorship required for the transformation journey ahead."


Expert S/4HANA migration training

Educate your team on everything they need to know about SAP S/4HANA before you start your migration journey. Book a private Masterclass at your office or a location of your choosing. 

Independent SAP consultancy services

S/4HANA Roadmap & Business Case

Translate technical jargon into business value with a clear SAP roadmap and business case that gains buy-in.

getting exec buy in to ERP Strategy led tech roadmaps

Tech roadmaps should start with strategy.

All too often, technologists start with a software solution, a new version, or an upgrade - and use that as the basis for transformation.

But the tail shouldn't be wagging the dog - your business should be led by your business strategy and not by the sales quota of a software vendor or Big 4 consulting firm.

A strategic S/4HANA roadmap sets direction based on what really matters to your leadership team.

By interviewing your Execs, unpacking strategic thrusts, and crafting a strategic narrative, your SAP future will be defined in their terms.

SAP deliverables You get independent expertise to help clarify what really matters to your business so that you can shift your S/4 business case narrative from technical to meaningful value.

creating an ERP process model Business Process Framework

A clear process framework is fundamental to any technology blueprint - especially SAP. 

It underpins a business-aligned narrative and shifts the focus away from technical jargon to real value that business people can understand.

APQC visualization

Resulting's Business Process Framework Accelerator is based on APQC best-practice and provides a rock-solid foundation for your S/4HANA roadmap. It can be enhanced with industry specific APQC variants to match your specific needs.

Through a series of short, expert-led workshops, it can be quickly iterated to match your unique business process scope, providing a firm foundation for S/4HANA implementation and business change.

S/4 HANA roadmap You get a simple to digest, highly visual summary of your business processes, colour-coded to identify competitive advantage, change impact, RPA and Shared Service opportunities.

ERP knowledge transfer Documenting your current tech

Understanding the technology that's in place today is a crucial step in SAP transformation. 

The clearer your understanding of today's tech becomes, the more dependable your future SAP plans become.

  • Which applications do you use, and which business processes do they enable?
  • How do your applications interface and integrate? What about your data model?
  • Which functionality in your current SAP packages do you use today?
  • And how does this map to your future needs, business strategy, and signature business processes?

ERP As Is visualization You get a structured assessment of your current SAP landscape documented in a way that makes life easier as your journey unfolds.

SAP transition states architecture Your landscape can be modelled in FusionGraph - documenting applications, interfaces, data, interdependencies and pain points.

Visualise SAP usage


ERP architecture diagram Strategic solutions map

When an S/4HANA roadmap is strategically-aligned and business-led, your solution options change.

The age of the single monolithic SAP solution is coming to an end - more nimble, modern, cloud based solutions can be assembled to provide a best-of-breed solution landscape.

This is what Gartner dubs Composable ERP.

Analysis of your existing applications landscape, and categorised business process model enables you to consider what is possible and practical beyond your existing SAP solution.

Through a series of exploratory design workshops led by independent experts - who have no agenda to push a single solution - you can craft a conceptual solutions map.

This won't necessarily dictate specific solutions, but it will identify a future composable SAP landscape architecture that will inform your strategic S/4HANA plan and business case narrative.

It will also provide a solid foundation for RFP and tenders, ensuring you provide a clear, open brief.

SAP S/4 Roadmap You get an SAP Solution Map presented as a simple one-page visual that everyone understands, which will enable you to plan migration, future sourcing and decommissioning initiatives.

ERP Plan on a page Strategic ERP plan

Without a believable timeline, you're missing two critical pieces of your S/4HANA roadmap.

  1. No cost profile to feed into your business case
  2. No line-of-sight for the benefits you hope to realise

75% of SAP projects fail to deliver to their original plan - and 70% of SAP projects run over budget.

You need an experience-based, independently authored  SAP project Plan on a Page that outlines the timeline and key dependencies to deliver your S/4HANA roadmap.  

It needs to be realistic, not optimistic.

example ERP plan You get a simple but well constructed Level 1 / 2 plan to inform the overall process of selection, implementation and stabilization. 

S/4 HANA plan This will also enable your bean-counters to model commercials for your internal benefits case justification.

creating a compelling s/4 business case High-impact solution playbook

Getting buy-in to a significant SAP investment is hard - usually, because you lack a credible strategic narrative.

You need to educate senior business stakeholders with a narrative that's simple, but comprehensive.

It has to be visual and understandable, grounded in business language (referencing your strategy, executive soundbites and business process framework).

It has to link your signature business requirements to specific solutions and functionality that will deliver a demonstrable upside.


Armed with this, you'll be in a strong position to move on to vendor selection and procurement, commercial modelling of costs and benefits, and detailed programme planning.

ERP playbook You get a a high-impact narrative delivered as a concise and eloquent executive document or presentation pack.

consulting-deliverable-white Alternatively, it can be produced as high-impact agency standard Playbook delivered digitally or in print form.

SAP S/4HANA phase zero advice

50 Shade of Blue: The secrets to taking control of your S/4HANA journey


If you’re one of the 35,000 companies running SAP, you’re probably wrestling with the complex challenge of your move to S/4HANA.  

 In Fifty shades of blue, we unpack all of the things you need to consider before getting too far down the road on your S/4HANA journey.

This eBook contains everything we know about the complex, scary move to S/4HANA.

SAP Specific Consultancy

S/4HANA Move Services

Resulting has specific tools and expertise to accelerate your SAP ECC to S/4HANA journey.


sap s4hana business case

SAP S/4HANA business case Accelerator

Analyze your SAP ECC usage profile data (ST03 logs) and visualize your current SAP usage - including standard and custom transactions.


FusionGraph automatically identifies relevant S/4HANA functionality which can be curated to form the basis of your S/4HANA business case:

  • New S/4HANA features (What's New)
  • Fiori Apps (Fiori Apps Catalog)
  • Deprecated ECC functionality
  • Technical changes (Simplification Items)
  • S/4HANA Scope Items
  • Future SAP Roadmap Items

consulting-deliverable Focusing on your most important business processes, joint solution exploration workshops identify new S/4HANA functionality that will form the foundations to your S/4HANA business case.

consulting-deliverable Identify features that have been removed from ECC which may require alternative solutions and change management.

sap s4hana migration options

brownfield vs greenfieldSAP S/4HANA migration options

You need to assess whether to follow a Green, Brown or Bluefield S/4 migration approach - and which tools may be used to support the migration process.

A systems integrator led S/4HANA migration approach is often skewed by their own commercial agenda.

The move from ECC to S/4HANA represents a significant risk to your business, with the potential for downtime during the migration and disruptive business change impact afterwards.

An independent approach takes deep consideration of these risks, and involves engaging and co-ordinating across hyper-scalers, software vendors, data migration and archiving experts, and automated code remediation solution providers. 

consulting-deliverable You get an independent view of possible S/4HANA migration options and recommendations based on your unique situation.

 20+ years of expertise baked in

SAP Tools & Accelerators

Resulting SAP consultancy and delivery services deliver fast results and exceptional value for money.  No nonsense independent consultancy. 

  • Transformation Visualisation
  • SAP BPML Download
  • S/4HANA Business Case
  • SAP Center of Excellence Model
  • ERP project turnaround
  • Digital Transformation Methodology

Visual SAP Transformation Roadmapping

Create the clarity you need to get on with the business of transformation.

S4 HANA business case model


ERP Business Process Framework Accelerator

Build a robust foundation for your ERP project with a best practice process framework aligned with APQC.



ERP Playbook

Translate your organizations' goals into an ERP roadmap.  Then tell the story back to the business.

ERP Roadmap playbook


SAP Centre of Excellence Toolkit

Everything you need to set up a high performing Center of Excellence.

how to design SAP CoE


ERP Transformation Pre-flight Check

De-risk your ERP transformation with a research-backed success assessment.

SAP Project Plan Example Template


ERP Transformation Toolkit

Start with a pre-baked ERP transformation methodology based on decades of experience.

Creating SAP project plan for transformation S4 HANA migration



Fifty shades of blue: The secrets to taking control of your S/4HANA journey

Download the guide for everything you need to know about the complex, scary move to S/4HANA

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