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How to optimize your ERP licenses
Ross Barnes-Moore05-Oct-2022 15:36:552 min read

SAP Licence Optimisation Service for ECC and S/4HANA

Is your SAP licence audit painful?

We know, but getting it wrong could be painfully expensive.

And, with Indirect Access, Digital Access and new SAP licencing models for S/4, licensing isn’t going to get simpler any time soon.


How often do you optimise your SAP licences?

If you’re like most SAP customers, you have a stressful period every year when SAP requests a license audit.   

But what do you do in the interim?

How much better might your SAP licence audit be if you adopted a continuous licence optimisation model?


Who’s responsible for SAP licencing in your organisation?

Truth is, SAP licencing is complex and ownership tends to fall between the slats in most organisations.

Although the implications of incorrect licencing tend to fall at the CFO’s door, the responsibility for allocating licences to users is deeply rooted in your security and compliance processes.

And, with an ongoing churn of joiner, leavers and movers, plus changes to SAP functionality, there’s an ongoing need to keep licencing under constant control.


How can I reduce my SAP licence exposure?

Using leading edge cloud-based analytics tools, and 10+ years of SAP licence audit experience, our SAP Licence Optimisation Service comprises 3 services.

  • Licence Usage Analysis - monitor transactional usage of every user modelled against your current SAP licence model, automatically categorising users into Professional vs. Limited Professional based on the transactions they use.
  • Licence Optimization - identify which users can be reclassified to a lower tier to reduce cost.  Identify outliers where users may have access to transactions but not actually use them in production.
  • Report - produce thorough, evidence based reports for your SAP licence audit so that the discussion with SAP is rooted in fact.


How does Indirect Access and the Digital Access Adoption Programme affect me?

Your eventual move to S/4HANA will mean new licencing models that create even more exposure.

Indirect Access stories are well documented and SAP have offered customers a move to a Digital Passport based on transactional usage. You have until December 2021 to decide whether to move to DAAP. /p>

The Licence Optimsiation Service includes IA and DAAP analysis to identify whether DAAP is the most cost effective answer to your SAP licencing challenges.


How much can I save using
Ongoing SAP Licence Optimisation?

Reclassifying just 1 user from Professional to Limited Professional results in maintenance saving of £700 per year.

If you have 2,500 users and just 5% are misallocated, the annual saving is close to £90,000.

This saving pails into insignificance compared to the risk of getting SAP licensing wrong.

AB InBev settled out of court at $600m for their Indirect Access dispute with SAP.

Make sure you’re prepared if that phone rings.