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Ross Barnes-Moore 05-Oct-2022 14:21:45 1 min read

ERP Vendor Selection

What's more critical, your choice of ERP or Systems Integrator?

Selecting an ERP implementation partner is one of the biggest decisions a CIO can make.

Don't get stuck in a bad Systems Integrator relationship

Choosing the wrong partner for your ERP programme will cost you dearly. Not just in cash,
but future business performance.

The stress of a large ERP implementation often places a strain on your vendor relationships too. So you need to select your vendor with care and diligence.

This takes more than an RFP process. More than a beauty parade. And, definitely more than a simple
rate card negotiation.

Resulting in better ERP Systems Integrator selection

Resulting SI selection advisory helps you to navigate the complexity and reduces your risk of making a bad vendor selection decision.

  • Support ERP requirements definition (e.g. RFI, RFP)
  • Run vendor evaluation and selection sessions
  • Facilitate vendor workshops (e.g. clean rooms)
  • Support commercial and contract negotiations
  • Benchmark vendor performance and commercials
  • Hold vendors accountable after selection

Need help choosing an ERP Integrator?

Selecting the right SI for your ERP program is more important than selecting the right ERP
system for your business.

Businesses who use independent experience to select a Systems Integrator are more likely to achieve on time and on budget project delivery.


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