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Ross Barnes-Moore05-Oct-2022 14:03:121 min read

SAP Centre of Excellence Assessment

Centre of Excellence is a terrible term.

But Centre of Mediocrity doesn’t have the same impact.

SAP Centre of what?

Most people who think they want an SAP Centre of Excellence haven’t considered what "Excellence" means.

In fact, most haven’t even thought through the scope of activity that their SAP CoE should actually deliver.

Does it sit in IT or the business?  Who runs it?  Do we outsource everything?


SAP Centres of Excellence are our thing.

Luckily, this is our world.

We’ve spent 20+ years building and optimizing SAP Centres of Excellence for some of the World’s biggest brands.

It really is our perverse little niche.

We’ve done it so many times, we’ve even developed a SAP CoE Toolkit that you can take and use.


Track Tested SAP CoE Maturity Assessment

This proven assessment has been developed over 20 years and involves:

  • Orientation session to discuss your current situation and challenges
  • 30 point online assessment via our Compass platform sent to key IT and Business stakeholders
  • Presentation of Centre of Excellence best practice models.
  • Guided playback of consolidated assessments, showing maturity vs. best practice, exploring where different stakeholder views of maturity vary.
  • Joint selection of 5-7 critical areas from the best practice CoE framework that should improve first.
  • Deep dive discussion into these areas to define an action plan.

The sessions can be run face-to-face or remotely.


What about sizing, sourcing and recruitment for our SAP Centre of Excellence?

We can do that too as part of or following the CoE maturity assessment. Having spent years building and running CoEs - both in-house and outsourced - we have a huge pool of experience to call in.

We can also benchmark existing SAP team sizes from your outsourced partner, ratify scope of services to identify gaps and handoffs, and we work with you on Centre of Excellence branding.

Because Centre of Excellence is a terrible term.