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Ross Barnes-Moore 05-Oct-2022 13:34:04 1 min read

SAP Data Glacier Archiving

Putting your old data on ice until you need it again.

When you move to newer ERP and CRM solutions, what do you do with your old data?

Do you really want to carry over 20 years of SAP data to S/4HANA?

Whether you’re going Greenfield, Brownfield or Bluefield - when you move to S/4, where will you store your historic ECC data?

Keeping an SAP system alive for archival purposes is an expensive answer - extra hardware, storage, licences, food & water.


Risks of not retaining your old SAP data.

What if you have a product recall or warranty claim, a compliance investigation or a GDPR Subject Access Request?

What if you divest and need to provide warranties or guarantees? What if that tax man knocks on your door with a shopping list of old transactions?

What if you don’t yet know what the "what if" questions might be?

Wouldn’t you feel safer knowing that you still had access to those old SAP transactions?

You’ve heard of Data Lakes
for SAP, what about Data Glaciers?

With a Data Glacier solution, it’s possible to take all of your legacy SAP data and store it on lower-cost cloud storage.

Then, provide access to key employees through a web-based UI that emulates the SAP transaction views.

This means that you can turn SAP off and still have access to decades of transactional data for a fraction of the cost.


Data Retention for SAP and non-SAP solutions

The Data Glacier approach covers more than SAP.

With pre-built UI views for 200 applications and the ability to clone UI screens for custom applications, Data Glaciers are a perfect choice for low cost legacy setting.

Likewise, if you need to retain data as part of an acquisition, divestment or carve out, once the data has been separated, it can be put on-ice.

Just in case.