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S/4HANA Phase Zero Training and Education

S/4HANA Masterclass (open)

24th September 2024, Central London

Everything you need to know about S/4HANA but were afraid to ask


Join Resulting IT in Central London for an S/4HANA Masterclass on the 24th September.

The Masterclass is 1 day before NTT's Transformation Now event, meaning you can optimise your expenses.

During this 1 day interactive workshop, you will cover the major factors that you need to consider when moving to S/4HANA.

Led by experts, the S/4HANA Masterclass is a safe environment (there's no such thing as a stupid question) where participants from a diverse range of SAP customer companies can level-up their knowledge and understanding and build a common consensus on what S/4HANA is and what challenges you need to address to make the journey to S/4HANA.

Originally designed and built as part of Resulting IT’s internal Learning & Development program, the contents of the workshop proved highly valuable, leading to the creation of a more customer-focused workshop.

Individual Tickets for the S/4HANA masterclass are £1,200 +VAT.  Although discounts are offered to existing Resulting customers.

You will be taking part in the S/4HANA Masterclass alongside people from other organisations - making this a fantastic networking and knowledge sharing opportunity. 

Complete the form to secure your slot at the S/4HANA Masterclass on 24th September, and we'll be in touch to discuss payment. 

Places are limited and offered on a first come, first served basis.






What's included in the S/4HANA Masterclass?

Market Dynamics surrounding S/4HANA

including history, terminology, commercial drivers, macro ERP and technology trends and players in the ecosystem.

Charting the Journey to S/4HANA

including building a compelling narrative for business stakeholders, understanding the technology implications, factors that drive a compelling business case, and how to build momentum in a business case.

What is Phase Zero of an S/4HANA program?

including the key activities that need to be considered during business case definition, when and how to engage Systems Integrators, activities you can do ahead of time to save money, time and reduce risk.  Deep dive into what makes SAP programs successful and why only 50% achieve their business objectives.

What’s different in S/4HANA?

including licencing, UI, underlying technology, missing features, dependencies on other solutions and a run down on confusing terminology such as HANA, In Memory, SAP BTP, SAP Build, RISE with SAP, GROW with SAP, Steampunk, Fiori, Signavio, LeanIX and much more.


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Breaking down big S/4HANA boulders:

  1. S/4HANA Data - Green, Brown and Bluefield (aka selective data migration), archiving and alternatives, selective migration strategies, how migration actually works.

  2. S/4HANA Code - Codebase differences in S/4HANA including BTP,  ABAP, Steampunk, Code Management, Dual Maintenance, Clean Core and Shell Copy.

  3. S/4HANA Storage & Compute - Cloud vs. On-Premises, RISE benefits and challenges, Hyperscaler, Public vs. Private Cloud.

  4. S/4HANA People & Process - Impact on people and business processes including change management, business process management, process mining and alternatives, training and adoption approaches, automation and AI.

Who is the S/4HANA Masterclass designed for?

  • Senior business and IT leadership who are faced with a S/4HANA implementation or migration

  • C-Suite Execs and VPs who will be involved in sponsoring, or making decisions as part of a S/4HANA program

  • Procurement professionals who are faced with commercial and contract negotiation, and supplier management as part of an S/4HANA program

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Benefits of the S/4HANA Masterclass:

  • Level up your knowledge and understanding of S/4HANA terminology

  • Get on a level playing field of understanding

  • Establish greater confidence in working with Systems integrators and SAP

  • Strengthen your internal capability to reduce risk, cost, and delays on your S/4HANA program

  • Improve decision making for Execs and Senior Managers, avoiding costly and often irreversible mistakes due to a lack of understanding

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