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Implement a Test Automation Strategy
Ross Barnes-Moore05-Oct-2022 16:12:341 min read

SAP Test Automation

What’s the one thing holding you back from agility with SAP?

No matter how Agile you are, what clever DevOps tool you have or how clear your requirements are, there’s one thing that will always slow you down...

Manual UAT and Regression Testing.

SAP Test Automation is expensive, right?

Things tend to cost a lot more when you do them well.

But there’s a huge hidden cost of not doing things well.

And, there’s no better example than testing.

The cost of bad testing

If a regression test takes 10 days to complete manually, that’s 10 extra days your business is waiting to benefit from new functionality.

Or 10 days of run-rate of the rest for your programme team, waiting around to fix any issues and get on to the next thing.

But what if testing takes 10 days and doesn’t pick up a critical defect? What if in those 10 days of manual testing, somebody missed a step or skipped a script?

What’s the cost to your business of broken business processes?

Delayed deliveries, inaccurate invoices, lost customers?

SAP Test Automation is difficult though, right?

With the right tooling, test automation is as simple as manual testing. The inputs of scripts are the same - they’re simply built in a tool rather than MS Word.

In reality, setting up SAP test automation takes 30% longer than good quality manual testing does.

But your tests run in 10 minutes instead of 10 days.

And nothing gets missed.

Start Test SAP Automation small and prove ROI

Our SAP Test Automation service starts small.

We demonstrate just how easily a business process can be tested in SAP in a low cost, zero disruption way with a starter pack.

Then, once you see it in action, you can make your own mind up just how much to automate.

Typically, SAP customers who automate testing achieve

  • 90%+ reductions in manual SAP testing.
  • 40%+ faster deliveries of custom/standard SAP updates.
  • 75%+ savings in SAP project resource spending.


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