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Ross Barnes-Moore 05-Oct-2022 15:55:26 1 min read

SAP Programme Advisory

We know, SAP programmes are tough.

Which is why we focus on helping Execs and Programme Managers be successful on their SAP and S/4 HANA implementation programmes.


What's missing from your SAP or S/4HANA programme?

If you're an SAP Programme Manager or Exec Sponsor, you're in the hottest seat in the house.

And, it can be a pretty crazy house.

You’re juggling more balls than you have fingers (let alone hands) and your SAP RAID log is getting redder by the week.


Increase your chances of SAP success. Massively.

Imagine having somebody as experienced as your Accenture or Deloitte Partner - a Big Hitter,  but on your side of the fence. 

Somebody who has done this before, who will help you identify the pitfalls early and provide the insight, expertise, and bandwidth to deal with them.


SAP Experience on your side.

Our experienced advisors have worked for Big 4 firms in SAP advisory roles - exposing them to the very best and absolute worst of every Systems Integrator and the challenges that each industry can throw-up to thwart an SAP programme.

Think independent, objective, experienced, critical friends who get their hands dirty - and you're on the right lines.