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How KCA Deutag Delivers SAP projects faster

As one of the world’s leading drilling and engineering contractors, running 4 world class divisions across 20 countries, KCA Deutag have a complex and challenging SAP programme.

Find out how they run SAP and discover practical, actionable insights you can implement on your own SAP project.


kca deutag sap project management


A proven approach for SAP Success


Find out how KCA Deutag run SAP and discover how Resulting supported their SAP Project management, plus actionable insights you can implement on your own SAP project.

  • How KCA optimised their project portfolio to help them deliver 140 projects every year
  • How Resulting helped KCA create a dedicated enterprise applications team to deliver their SAP requirement
  • How KCA and Resulting revitalised KCA’s project governance to make their SAP programme easily trackable.





True SAP Self Sufficiency

Find out how KCA Deutag took control of a
new, improved SAP (and business systems) delivery capability to reduce their reliance on MSPs and get more value from SAP.

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