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Independent SAP S4 Consultancy

We're business-side

We help you plan and deliver your ERP change programme

ERP consultancy
without the agenda

If you’re leading an ERP migration or transformation project, you’ll quickly find plenty of partners – SIs, agencies, contractors – eager to help.

They’ll add enormous value, too.  But: they also have motives of their own. They place bums on seats, sell licenses, or may simply benefit from a project that overruns.

What most ERP project teams struggle with is the lack of an independent advisor: an experienced wingman who’ll navigate the journey with you from end to end, and who’ll always act in the best interest of your business. 

That’s what we do.

ERP Advisory

This is the thinking side of things. 

We work with you to find the best solution (whether that’s SAP or another system), build a strategic business case, and a roadmap for its execution.

We also help you select and brief vendors.

ERP Delivery Management

ERP delivery management is about project-managing your programme from end to end. 

We have experienced programme managers to keep your ERP change project on track, and apply best practice and accelerators to deliver the outcomes you’re looking for.

ERP Programme Delivery Advice

ERP Delivery Assurance for Smart CxOs


Often ERP customers blame a failed programme on their Systems Integrator - but many key aspects of a successful programme actually sit with you and not your SI. Find out what they are an how to increase your chance of ERP success with our Resultology Guide. 

Resultology Blog

Snack on ERP thought leadership...

When you hire advisors, you want them to have experience.  But you probably also want people who can help shape and provoke your thoughts.  The Resulting team take great pride in thinking, distilling their thoughts and putting them down on paper...