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Reclaim your IT ecosystem
Before your competitors lay claim to your customers
If you can't adapt your IT as fast as your customers dictate, you're doomed.
Digital Disruption
How quickly can you create the IT your business needs?
then blow your competition away.

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Consider your technology through the eyes of your customers and not just your business users

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Ask your CxO peers - they think you only have to do 2 things to do. 1 - ensure your IT services operate and keep the business running. 2 - change and transform your IT systems to make your business more competitive. Easy.

The trouble is, the majority of your effort, attention and budget is spent on 1 - at the expense of 2. And you’ve totally forgotten about point 3.

You see, most IT transformation focuses on ‘users’ - helping employees do their jobs more efficiently. But the successful businesses in the digital revolution have moved on.

Your fiercest competitors are innovators - creating technology that touches their customers and prospects. They’re playing with new technology that reinvents business models. And to them, user-focused IT isn’t about process efficiency. It’s about insight. The kind of insight that drives customer experience, growth and competitive advantage.

These things are no longer just the realm of the CIO or even CTO - but the CMO, CDO and CEO. If you’re a CIO, the whole C-Suite now expects you to change faster and deliver a customer facing edge that’s going to be crucial to your business survival.

To make matters worse, you’ve just spent the last decade cutting IT costs, meaning that your ability to deliver great quality IT quickly has all but evaporated.

Reclaim your IT ecosystem

Re-connect your IT delivery with your business strategy with an IT ecosystem that’s fit for a modern digital business.

You’ve probably re-engineered your business processes, transformed your business and undertaken a whole host of business change projects in pursuit of efficiency and excellence.

Congratulations. You’ve reached the Quarter-Finals.

The trouble is, in the big league, all of your competitors have been doing exactly the same thing. And now things are going to get tougher.

You see, there are new players on the field now too. They didn’t have processes to re-invent or legacy systems to replace. They’re nimble, fit and lean and confident of knocking you out quickly.

All the time you were optimizing your business, you weren’t optimizing your IT. You’ve built a big, cumbersome, monolithic beast that’s expensive to run and slow to adapt to a fast changing world. And if you’ve outsourced your IT to cut costs, you no longer have the technical skills on tap to do what you (and more importantly, your customers) expect.

Yep. You transformed the business but left your IT Department in the dark ages.

It’s time to reclaim your IT ecosystem

Create a smooth running, quick thinking, agile IT Department that can deliver what your customers want. Before it’s too late.

At last. Everyone has finally realised that there are two ways to turn a profit. We’ve driven the cost reduction, efficiency and austerity bandwagon into the ground. Now we can focus on the other side. Finding new customers and keeping them.

As a CMO, you’ve got the keys.

The majority of IT spend in the next 5 years will be in the hands of the business. And the majority of that will be yours. Because if you can generate leads, you generate revenue. If you can create an amazing customer experience, you’ll keep customers. And because the world is changing so fast, you need to ensure that your digital extremities are up there with the best.

You need innovation to drive business model disruption but you also need safe, slick systems that satisfy your hard won customers.

It’s time to reclaim your customer facing IT

If you're to win in the digital world.

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