Way back in 2004, we set out on a mission to create

a different consulting firm

independent SAP consultants

We wanted to take the Con out of Consulting and focus on Results instead. This way, it’s completely within our clients' gift to challenge us to deliver the results they want.  And every day, our people are automatically reminded that their work is about getting results.

As a philosophy, it’s served us very well.


Consulting services

Our speciality is helping people work out how to ‘do’ IT.   Big, hairy, complex IT.

We advise companies...

How to implement IT

We provide independent advisory so your IT projects run slicker and quicker, from client-side programme management to PMO services.  

How to run IT

Our Super Power is designing, building, running and optimising Centres of Excellence and IT Operating Models.

How to support IT

Most service delivery sucks. It’s stuck in the dark ages. We design and transform modern service delivery that’s aligned with proper business value.

How to make IT work

Our Tech Roadmaps connect strategy with action so your IT becomes an enabler for a more nimble business that can survive the digital era.

How to get people to adopt IT

Some people call it change management, others simply dilute it to training. But we’re experts in driving true technology adoption.

How to optimise the value of IT

Don't think cost cutting. Instead, we focus on value, aligning technology with strategy to create competitive advantage.

Mostly, we sit between a business and their service providers or systems integrators, providing independent advisory.  And often, we wind up designing and building entire IT delivery capabilities.

We’ve done it for some huge companies and we’re very good at it

meet our customers

Because we've consulted in this space for 20 years

we have 2 super powers

Our people have built up immense intimate knowledge.  

We really do know the technology we're involved with - its foibles, gotchas and all those little nuggets that help make great Tech tick. 

Plus, because we understand the roles, skills and traits required to run complex IT, we're also experts in sourcing the right people, creating in-house teams and crafting just the right balance of capability and cost.

We've built up huge personal networks of people we’ve actually worked with across Europe, the USA and Asia.

They’re people we’ve hired (and fired), helped, managed and mentored during their careers.  

And because the best people tend to become independent consultants, we know instantly where to look when our clients ask us for Big 4 quality consultants at a fraction of the cost.

So naturally, we provide other services too

Resourcing services

But in a completely different way to recruiters. Because we know how IT works.

  • Been there
  • Super Credible
  • Connected
Stuff we've done

the Results

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    How do you deliver large-scale Cloud CRM dynamically?

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    What do you do when your global Service Management needs freshening up?

  • Alt

    How did an oil company make their SAP delivery run slicker?

  • Alt

    How does an industry giant design a disruptive go to market strategy?

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    How do you run a flexible Fintech platform on SAP?

  • Alt

    How do the big players improve their bench to stay at the top of their game?

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    How do you build the world's best SAP Centre of Excellence?

  • Alt

    What do you do when your SAP systems are taxing?

  • Alt

    Who do the world’s biggest advisory firms turn to for advice?

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    How do you streamline business processes during big business change?

Our people have worked in the most demanding industries


If you run SAP and are either thinking of setting up a SAP Centre of Excellence or improving the SAP delivery capability you already have, this 60 page eBook provides the grounding you need. Most people make silly mistakes when setting up a SAP CoE and we've been around long enough to know what the big mistakes are.

In this eBook, we tell you the 5 Big Mistakes and what to do about them.

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