Black & White consulting that gets Results

When you decide to implement new or complex technology in your business, in the melee of a large programme and sprint for the finish line you often forget to address two fundamental questions...

  1. What were we originally aiming to achieve from this programme in terms of business outcome ?
  2. What do we need to do at the end of this programme to make sure we achieve #1 ?

Where other consulting firms are happy to delve straight in to the code, at Resulting we prefer to work in the space that makes sure that all of your effort (and spend) isn't wasted.

Business Outcome Strategy

Business Outcome Strategy services to help you achieve the strategic outcomes you need from your IT investments. Services that focus on the critical activities before and after your IT programmes - from business case definition to benefits tracking.

Business Change Enablement

Business Change Enablement services to ensure your business is prepared for change - and most crucially is able to support benefits realisation - from Target Operating Model definition to change impact assessment and business readiness planning.

Independent IT Advisory

Completely independent IT advice and assurance services that enable you to benefit from expert practical advice without the bias or conflict of interest associated with incumbent vendors. Renowned experts in Centre of Excellence and IT Operating Model design.

Solution Integrity

Design Assurance services to help you design and build the best solutions to deliver your strategic outcomes. Blueprinting, Solution Architecture and Design Authority services for leading technologies including SAP.

Expert Delivery Services

Expert Delivery services to ensure that your programmes are planned, tracked and delivered. Some of the industry's best Programme Managers, Solution Architects, Stream Leads, Interim Managers and niche skilled IT consultants.

White Label Consulting

For Consulting firms and Systems Integrators - the very best consultants with experience of working in large consulting and outsourcing firms - as part of your core team. As far as your client is concerned, they’re your people.