Why did you invest in SAP ?

When you decided to implement SAP, you didn’t do it for the complexity.

You didn’t do it for the issues, risks and stress. You didn’t do it for delays or budget over-runs.

No. You did it because your business had a vision.

You did it because somebody senior signed off on a business case. You did it because you wanted results.

And somewhere, that got lost in the big scary SAP universe.

At Resulting, we help SAP customers get back on track to deliver the results they expected, rather than the hassle they’ve inherited.

SAP Consulting Services

PMO & Project Delivery

We provide expertise that ensures your IT projects run slicker and quicker, from business-side programme management to PMO services.  Our people work within your team to bring clarity and certainty.  

SAP Centre of Excellence

Our Super Power is designing, building, running and optimising Centres of Excellence and IT Operating Models - making our customers more Self-Sufficient and less reliant on contractors and consulancies.

SAP Expertise in your team

Our experts work business-side, embedded in your team to help you get the resutls you want from SAP.  We improve your chances of success by increasing your knowledge and adding vital SAP experience to your business knowledge.

Mostly, we sit business side, between our customers and their systems integrators.  Put simply, we improve your chances of success by SAP by helping you get more out of your suppliers and SAP solution.  Plus, we help you become more self sufficient and less reliant on others.

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Although our individual SAP careers are 20 years long, we’ve not spent our time in conventional places.

We’ve done leftfield stuff like:

  • Building & running over 30 SAP Centres of Excellence - which means we’ve lived through the aftermath of good and bad SAP projects
  • Working for 3 of the Big 4 in programme advisory roles - exposing us to every systems integrator and clients in every industry.
  • Speaking to thousands of SAP customers, consultancies, software vendors and SAP leaders over a 15 year period as Research Director for Gartner
  • Heading up the SAP practice for one of the Big 4 in the UK - exposing us to the Rolls Royce of methodologies and capabilities.
  • Selling, inheriting and running Global SAP outsourcing deals for 5 different managed service providers - meaning we’ve seen offshore, nearshore, dedicated and shared services work well and horribly
  • Writing a PhD thesis on the role that trust plays between client and SI on an SAP programme
  • Pioneering DevOps and Agile delivery for SAP as part of the leadership team at an SAP software solutions provider
  • Running SAP UK’s marketing campaigns for 20 years - affording us an exceptional network within SAP and intimate knowledge of their solution sets.

And this genetic diversity is what give us a totally unique insight.

We see your SAP project from a wholly different perspective to the others.

We connect different dots and offer different insight because we come at your SAP challenges from a very, very different angle.


If you run SAP and are either thinking of setting up a SAP Centre of Excellence or improving the SAP delivery capability you already have, this 60 page eBook provides the grounding you need. Most people make silly mistakes when setting up a SAP CoE and we've been around long enough to know what the big mistakes are.

In this eBook, we tell you the 5 Big Mistakes and what to do about them.

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