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Agile Training for SAP Consultants
Ross Barnes-Moore05-Oct-2022 15:00:252 min read

Agile Training for SAP Consultants

How do you adopt Agile for SAP?

Making the transition from Waterfall to Agile can feel like a daunting task for SAP teams.

Unless you adopt a practical Agile foundation first.

Hurray, we’re going Agile...

If you’re like most large companies, you’re probably wrestling with how to be more agile. 

But how do you adopt agile ways of working in a complex, integrated ERP environment like SAP?

Truth is, agile for SAP is really difficult.

But there is a way to adopt agile principles alongside traditional waterfall SAP delivery methodologies - and optimise work for more frequent, higher quality releases at the same time.


What is Kanban?

Kanban has origins in Japanese Manufacturing and is a method for managing product delivery with an emphasis on continuous delivery. Kanban is visual, it enhances the flow of work and improves quality and throughput by reducing Work In Progress.

The first step towards more agile SAP delivery is to orient you and your SAP team on the fundamentals of Kanban via our Certified Kanban Training Courses which include a specific Get Agile with SAP add-on module.


Kanban System Design.

Kanban System Design is an introductory course into Kanban practices designed to help reduce resistance to change. Learn how to design or improve a Kanban system for optimal flow and faster delivery whilst improving quality.

Many teams we talk to are overwhelmed with too much work in progress, conflicting priorities, often facing unknown blockers and drag factors that impede the teams productivity. For most teams this leads to missed deadlines and late delivery of projects which impacts negatively on team morale and future productivity.


What you'll learn on a Kanban training course

The initial 2 days will cover how to:

  • Coach your team in their adoption of Kanban
  • Support your team in operating a Kanban Board
  • Show how you can identify and remove blockers


Why use Kanban For SAP?

Learning Kanban can help you work in a more Agile way on your S/4 programme, and is a great way of visualising workload on complex, time dependent projects like an S/4 migration. Register today to get started.


Kanban System Design Curriculum


The Why and What of Kanban:

  • Kanban core practices
  • Evolutionary vs Revolutionary Change
  • Principles of the Kanban Method
  • Core Practices of the Kanban Method


Core Kanban:

  • Work Visualisation
  • Push vs pull based systems
  • Queues & Buffers
  • Limiting Work In Progress (WIP)
  • Little’s Law
  • Managing Flow
  • Cumulative Flow Diagrams
  • Measuring and managing flow using Lead Time
  • Understanding flow efficiency
  • Planning in Kanban
  • Risk management with classes of service


Experience Kanban

Getting to grips with Kanban systems using get Kanban simulation

Introducing Kanban to your team

  • Understanding the motivation for change
  • STATIK – systems thinking approach to implementing Kanban
  • Understanding sources of variability
  • Analysing and shaping demand
  • Visualising your workflow using a Kanban board
  • Visual design of ticket types
  • How to set WIP limits
  • Identifying and removing impediments to flow Kaizen – continuous and collaborative improvement
  • Feedback Mechanisms
  • Kanban style Daily Standups

If you're interested in finding out how you can use Kanban within your team contact us here.


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