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SAP Success Optimizer

Honestly, what are your
chances of SAP success?

With so many players in your SAP ecosystem, an independent honest appraisal can be hard to come by.

That’s why we offer independent programme benchmarking via the SAP Success Optimizer.

We assess your SAP delivery capability against our Resultology framework, highlight weak points, and create a plan that will increase your chances of SAP success.

risk of SAP programme investment failing

A comprehensive, research driven tool

The SAP Success Optimizer is a holistic orientation tool for your SAP project team - ensuring that nothing is in your blindspot and that you leave nothing to chance.

Simply ask the people involved in your SAP project to complete a 15 minute survey and their combined responses will be analysed against research data to identify the which actions will make the biggest impact on your chances of SAP success.

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Insights into SAP
success from Resulting

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