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S/4HANA Migration

Planning to move to S/4HANA?

If so, there are plenty of people willing to give you advice on how to do it. Trouble is, they either want to sell you licences or big migration projects.

We don't. We just want to give you independent, practical advice.

So that your S/4 programme is a success.


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comparison S4 HANA ECC R3

How should we migrate to S/4HANA?

Rather than Greenfield or Brownfield, we like to think of our S/4 migration approach as Left Field.

Because Resulting is a research-led consulting firm, we've invested heavily in understanding what 's different about S/4 in a way that supports practical decision making. Our analysis is embodied in our S/4Sight database which visualises:

  • Which business processes are impacted or benefit from new S/4 functionality
  • How the technical changes to S/4 map to your existing business functionality
  • How you can benefit from new Fiori Apps or new S/4 features
  • Which parts of S/4 can be used to derive a cohesive business case


How clear is your S/4HANA Roadmap?

87% of SAP customers are not clear on their S/4HANA Blueprint

42% of these expect to migrate to S/4HANA in the next 1-2 years


Immaculate SAP Data Mentality

Derek Prior and Stuart Browne discuss SAP data and the importance of data management vs. data migration.

SAP customers place loads of emphasis on cleaning data but not on how to make sure it carries on being clean. Find out how you can get and keep immaculate data on the run up to your S/4HANA migration.

In this video you’ll get tips on:

  • Getting an initial emphasis on data at the start of a project
  • Master data
  • Data governance
  • Data ownership
  • Archiving in preparation for migration to S/4