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SAP Consultancy

You've worked with SAP consultants before, right?

They're the experts who turn up and tell you how things should be done.

But have you worked with business-side SAP consultants?

The ones who take a totally empathetic position and work with your goals, challenges, outcomes and results in mind?

Because we believe that consultants are there to get results (it's why we chose our name). And to get results, you can't focus on selling software or services to a "client". You can't treat your customers as an "account". You have to be right in the fabric of the organisation, working business-side.

It's very different. It feels different.

And it gets completely different results.


Resultology SAP success risk benchmark assessment

Systems Integrators know
how SAP works.

But their people aren't experts in your business processes and culture.

They're used to implementing complex technology so want to do it their way. Fast and furious.

They get frustrated that you can't make decisions quickly enough. But they push on hard for go-live.

Design, build, run. Right?

Which is why most businesses wind up feeling 'done to' at the end of their SAP projects.

Business-side consultancy
works differently

We embed SAP experts in your team, working with your interests at heart. Our people work as a cohesive group - on your side.

Your people gain SAP knowledge, experience and confidence.  And that crucial ability to challenge your SI.

And, because you're supported, you make better decisions.

Plus, you can get more out of your SAP Systems Integrator because you now have the knowledge and experience to interface with them properly.

Which they'll love too. So you both win.


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The secret to running a successful SAP implementation - 2018 SAP Success Report

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