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Most SAP consultancies
have a methodology

We don’t.

We have Resultology.

Resultology is more of a mindset than a prescriptive method.

It’s the consequence of spending too long in just the right place on so many SAP projects.

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SAP Programme Turnaround Failing Project

Over 20 years, we’ve witnessed exactly what causes SAP investments to succeed and fail.

And we’ve distilled our blood, sweat and tears into rock solid strategies that overcome these failure points.

Resultology focuses on 15 SAP success levers across 6 crucial personas.  Drill down and you’ll find 77 maturity points that we’ve honed with hard-earned experience.

Nail these and you’ll increase your chances of SAP success.


Insights into SAP
success from Resulting

SAP Success Shorts - Measuring SAP Success

SAP Success Shorts - Measuring SAP Success

Stuart Browne talks to Derek Prior, former Gartner Research Director about how to measure SAP success.

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