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Business Side SAP Consultancy

Alternative to SAP contractors consultants

For decades, big businesses like yours have implemented SAP and got it horribly wrong

Meanwhile, a whole ecosystem has done very nicely out of big, expensive SAP programmes - Systems Integrators, Outsourced Service Providers and Contractors have all thrived.

And don’t forget SAP themselves who have grown significantly too.

All this despite the horror stories - late, expensive SAP projects.

Stories of broken businesses and messy lawsuits.


how to replace SAP Systems Integrator SI

What's going on....?

When an SAP programme fails to deliver on its business case, it isn’t SAP’s fault - the software is pretty good.

It isn’t the Systems Integrator’s fault either - after all, you chose them, contracted with them and managed them.

No. It’s your fault.

You see, it’s your business.  It's your business case. SAP is your business application and the project that's implementing it is your initiative.

If anyone’s to blame here, it’s people like you who haven’t learned the lessons from 2 decades of mediocrity.

Harsh? Maybe.
But, what’s the answer?

Resulting offers Business Side SAP Consultancy.

We work with you, in your business on your SAP challenges.

We don’t do it to you, we do it with you.

We’re not there to sell you big projects that you don’t need, we’re there to help you deliver what you asked for in the first place - Results.

We can either work with you to face-off to your existing SAP Systems Integrator or Service Provider - and get the most out of them.

Or, we can help you become more self-sufficient and less dependent on 3rd parties altogether.

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Why SAP S/4HANA Projects Fail

The SAP Success Report

Uncovering the factors that underpin successful SAP programmes.

A 40 page Research Report produced in conjunction with Dr Derek Prior (former Gartner Research Director)

Download Report