Your IT projects are critical and sensitive. They are critical to your business - it's crucial that they're delivered on-time in a way that supports their original benefits case. And your projects are sensitive to a multitude of issues that can affect both timescales and budget. Having the right resource in place for pivotal project roles is crucial.

Resulting people are at the very top of their game -  they are the people who the project revolves around and who do the extra things that drive your project success

Resulting provides Expert Delivery Services to ensure that your programmes are planned, tracked and delivered. Whether you're looking to compliment an existing project team or a full delivery service, our people have the experience to underpin your success.

We can supplement in-house teams to ensure strong supplier management. Many of our people have held senior positions in some of the World’s largest Systems Integrators, Outsourcers and Offshore Delivery organisations - so we know how to get the best out of delivery partners. We even supply white label staff to some of the largest consulting firms in the world - to seamlessly complement internal teams.

Expert Delivery Services

  • Interim IT Directors
  • Programme Managers & Directors
  • Delivery Directors
  • Service Delivery Managers
  • Release & Cutover Managers
  • Transition Managers
  • Solution Architects
  • Technical Architects
  • Workstream Leads
  • Technical Subject Matter Experts
  • Niche IT Skills Sourcing for SAP

By 2016, demand for agile project leaders blending project and change management skills with domain expertise will increase by 75 percent. Project failure rates are high and the most prevalent root cause of project failure is an inability to deliver necessary functionality fast enough to capitalize on market opportunities. Transformational leadership and domain expertise must be tightly coupled with project management to thrive in the new normal. The need for pure-play project managers will decline as project management skills alone will be insufficient to deliver successful change in turbulent environments. Project leaders will still require project management skills, but they will also require domain expertise and transformational leadership skills to be able to sense and respond to changing project environments and mobilize teams to adapt effectively.

Gartner 2012

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